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Weight Loss – Smart Ways to Dine Out

Do you always dine out? Does it sabotage your weight loss goal? Having lunch with your client or enjoying a dinner with your partner in a restaurant should not make you feel guilty for not sticking to your diet.

Eating out is tempting because the scrumptious menus are laid in front of your eyes. The aroma of a mouthwatering dish can make you forget all your months of hard work and effort to keep off your weight from ballooning.

However, learning the smart ways to dine out can save you from sabotaging your diet.

Reduced-Calorie Menu
Most of the high end restaurants have an option in their menu for reduced-calorie selections. Take advantage of these options when eating out.

Non-Fried Selections
Not all restaurants offer reduced-calorie options. For this situation, always remember that non-fried selections are the best option when ordering for lunch or dinner. Opt for broiled or grilled meat and vegetables.

Be cautious of how your food is being cooked. Read the details in the menu and avoid deep-fried, batter-dipped, creamy, crispy, pan-fried and garnished with creams. These options are generally rich in fat and high in calories.

No to Buffets
Buffet is always a preferred choice because it offers more value to your money. However, its extensive selection from appetizer to desserts can be tempting to really overeat and sabotage your diet.

If you can not avoid buffet, then choose wisely when filling your plate. Try to take more on plain salads with low-fat dressings and fruits.

Portion Control
After your order is served, cut it right away into two portions. This is a smart way to know whether you are consuming just enough or overeating already. Once you finish the first half-portion, try to eat fruits or salads in between. This helps you to less likely eat the remaining portion.

Also, fast food restaurants often offer your super-size option. For instance, a lunch meal of burger and fries can be super-sized to larger portion of burger and larger serving size of fries. It can really be tempting because you will pay less but think again before you cave in for super-size order. Think of the calories and sabotaging your weight loss goal.

Dining out is always fun and it makes difficult to monitor your calorie intake. Regular dining in the restaurants can really balloon your weight if you do not dine wisely because it is easy to cave in to their scrumptious menu.

Now with these tips on how to dine out smartly, you do not have to feel guilty anymore for dining with your friends and collections. Choose smartly and it will never be a hindrance to your weight loss goal.

Source by Julie Brealy

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