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The search for the fountain of youth is an everlasting human preoccupation that has fascinated the world with its rosy possibilities. The proliferation of books, manuals, tapes, gyms, gym equipments, exercises, diets and what have you, to facilitate the over-indulgent humanity's need to be healthy and to look good is testament to that utopian vision. Each flattering suggestion dangled with promises in myriads of lotions and potions and notions entertains that human obsession. Only the immunity capacity of the mind to imagine proceeds these boundaries of health oriented technology.

This is the sweeping view of the global landscape, littered with people who face up to the daily battle with their waistlines. The truth is most of the above weight loss solutions work for a while. Then they stop working.

The basic philosophy for those who desire to get rid of excess weight is rooted in this simple regimen: the body's consumption must be less than the amount of energy it uses up. Everyone professes patriotic allegiance to the concept. Therefore everyone who gets involved in the application should reap the warranted reward of health and beauty. Logic says it should. Neverheless when human predispositions and habits get involved in the equation, logic falls by the wayside.

Any new program or product in the marketplace is meticulously designed to captivate the hopeful seekers for the fountain of health. In fact the user of any health program is soon rewarded with the first visible results. The ensuing weeks and months are zealously chronicled in a diary to extol the liberating effects of the initial weight loss, certainly a tiny triumph worth celebrating. Yet when this ongoing health crusade slams into that plateau where conflicts in certain life's schedules start to interfer with personal and social conveniences, the irresolute crowd start floundering amid the whirlpool of overlooked priorities. The struggles slowly eat into their customary vitality and behind the camouflage of the flimsiest excuses indecision puts an end to what was just famously begun.

But "hope springs eternal in the human heart". Another advertiser will come along and entice these poor souls once more with a much better product, faster outputs, easier routines to follow and more frills. The hype ensures inevitable surrender to the path of least resistance.

Man in general, not just the weight-challenged, most often leans that path of little resistance. Each individual weight loss initiative is triggered by the irresistible allure of that freshly discovered health innovation in one late weekend infomercial. It piques its interest and freezes the navigating fingers on the remote control long enough to be amused with more propaganda. What woman or man can weather that fusillade aimed at the fickle fortress of human vanity?

Many have been there, done that. Most have been held host by their ownopes founded on fractured sensibilities. The lack of conviction, the lack of passion will sabotage physical and mental involvement in any discipline where one's desire for improvement succumbbs to any mundane pressure.

It is not easy to lose weight. If it is, the whole universe will no longer be subjected to the barrage of information coming out of every media's outstretched antennas and everyone will be posing at the beach to flaunt what vanity will not hide.

Weight loss and its solutions is big business. Big business pays the great innovators to develop improved health technology to help and encourage the multitude of overweight persons. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship. While with each hi-tech invention the health-challenged are charged with revived aspirations to be fit and healthy, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to further explore new solutions to the continuing needs and put some coins into their company's coffers.

What is missing? In one word, commitment.

That one powerful word is the missing link to all the ills in the weight loss misadventures. The health programs and products apparently provide effective measures and proven strategies. The customers do not lack the initial motivation. In fact the first few months into the diligent implementation of any tested process show positive progress. However somewhere, somehow there grows the disinterest, the apathy, and finally submission. The endeavor, the routine, and consequent boredom inflight grievous wounds on man's psyche and the human will will compromised.

Commitment is the substance of man's character. It starts with self. The practice of self-abnegation, self-control, sacrifice, persistence, perseverance is a serious discipline a man must cultivate to vanquish that beast that undermines the sanctuary of the human spirit. This translates to his conscious effort to consummate this commitment, to responsibly gauge his zeal to work his way through his subjective predicaments.

Commitment – this is the health solution. This esoteric dynamics serves as the catalyst that will eventually get man over his weight barriers.

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