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Weight Loss Surgery Is a Last Resort

If you're a man who is 100 pounds overweight or a woman who is 80 pounds overweight or you are less than morbidly obese but have heart disease, diabetes or sleep apnea, a bariatric surgeon may consider you eligible for weight loss surgery. But one of the first questions that your surgeon will ask you is, "have you given full attempt at non surgical alternatives?"

Your answer should be a resounding yes. Although there are less invasive weight loss surgeries such as a Lap-Band procedure, which is not an open surgery and has a faster recovery time than many other surgeries, surgery as well as medical operations of every kind, should be treated with the utmost seriousness .

If you have not attended to your health as much as you should be attaching to it and have not attempted to reduce to a healthy weight but find yourself in the position where losing weight is critical, you can try some alternatives before getting weight loss surgery .

However, keep in mind that success in your efforts require a true commitment and work on your part. There is no easy work-free solution, even when it comes to weight loss surgery, which is pointless without a willingness on your part to keep your end of the bargain and explore all options and stay active to maintain a natural healthy weight once you lose weight from the surgery.

Good non surgical methods that you should fully explore before surgery include, closely monitoring your caloric intake and sticking to a healthy daily count, keeping a daily food journal to fully understand what your eating habits are and where you may be going wrong and seven hours a week of exercise that combines cardio and weight training.

Remember that everyone is different and that you must customize your diet and exercise plan to you, your personal physical weaknesses, body mass index, strengths, schedule, food tastes etc. Making sure that your diet and exercise plan is as well integrated as possible into your schedule and physical capacities, is the best way to keep you motivated and on track through your weight loss efforts.

If you are a person who has already given diet and exercise without surgery a serious go, and your weight is putting your health at serious risk, it's time to consider weight loss surgery. Contact a trustworthy bariatric surgeon to learn whether or not you're a good candidate for weight loss surgery.

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