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Weight Loss Tip – Stop the Diet Sabotage Now!

As we diet there are many hurdles, one that I believe is often overlooked is the saboteur. The weight loss saboteur is sometimes capable of derailing any diet plan. Who are these saboteurs? There are two types of weight loss saboteurs. The well intentioned type and the malicious type, unfortunately both can create the same type of hurdles for those looking to lose weight. The strategy to deal with these weight loss saboteurs varies very for each type.

First the malicious saboteur, these are in general not very nice people. For whatever reason they do not wish to see the dieter succeed. They are often coworkers or friends of friends or even spouses. They will often intentionally place the types of food the dieter may crave right in front of the dieter. Often they will add some sort of manipulative "encouragement" such as "you're doing so well, it will not hurt to have a slice or two of pizza." These intentional saboteurs can be hard to spot because there words tend to mask their intentions. Unfortunately in most instances the dieters best bet is to maintain distance from this sort of people. Depending on circumstances this is not always an option and may prove to be a great test of the will of the dieter.

The well intentioned type is a different animal completely. They can be anyone, family, friends, or even coworkers. It's only natural for someone to share food they enjoy with those they care about. These diet saboteurs mean no ill will whatever. Regrettably the scale does not have a good intentions setting. Most dieters are all too familiar with the "come on have some cake" comment. That simple friendly comment sometimes may lead to a full on binge that sabotages all the hard work already put into the diet. Fortunately these saboteurs are usually much easier to deal with. If there is no malice intended, a simple conversation will usually resolve this situation. If the dieter simply lets these people know of their weight loss goals that is generally all that is required.

Losing weight is a very hard task to accomplish, that can be made even harder by the people in the dieter's life. This difficult task can be made a great deal easier by simply asking friends and family to support the dieter's goals.

Source by James Scott

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