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Weight Loss Tips and Other Considerations

Contemporary marketing dynamics exerts a commanding influence on social consciousness. Its subtle persuasion infiltrates every vein of human interactions so that society at large is held host by its allure. It certainly facilitates society's subservience to its clever maneuvers and leaves in its wake gullible, spoon-fed underlings.

Information overload imperils human rationality. At no other time in history is every sensory perception stimulated by a whopping electronic extravaganza of automated audio-visual apparatuses or computerized interconnections than today. The mind is so desensitized by this data bombardment it lost the ability to make intelligent choices. Man's discernment becomes victim to the clever deceptions and entrepreneurial manipulations he is daily exposed to. A parade of the latest gadgets, the easiest weight loss programs, the fastest fat-losing pill, the newest innovations, etc. filters in into the quiet of his existence when he is most receptive. The breakdown of started routines, especially for those who have incessantly struggled with their weight issues, is often the sad consensus.

A few outstanding recommendations compiled by success-driven professionals are itemized here to open wider the windows of the mind to a clearer vision of man's innate qualities.

1. Goal Setting. Each little voyage taken in life presumes a final destination. Where man wishes to go is decided before he first routes his course. He lays out a plan and sets out to accomplish it. These are the underpinnings of goal setting. The motivational formula of goal setting reinforces man in his aspirations to make his dream a reality. It is like a map designed to point out the rough terrains ahead so he can predevise strategies to skirt it. This helps him negotiate through the maze of hindrances that delay his progress. Applied in any weight loss endeavor, goal setting assists man in visualizing his healthy and happy image and recognizing the beforehand the vulnerabilities that will ambush his resolve. Knowing his objective and planning the right course to take at every interference in his road to wellness, he can confront his demons head on with confidence.

2. Focus. Focus is the key to goal setting. After configuring all the relevant goal-setting parameters, focus is the ingredient that galvanizes man's essence into a synergy of effective intentions and actions. It slices through the barriers of his uncertainty. It stands sentinel over a multitude of distractions that often determinate its determination. Without such point of convergence directing his impulses, man is exposed to the scourge of human frailty.

3. Prioritizing. Prioritizing creates an environment sensitive to personal and social needs. This in turn sets the tone to focus one's energy to the task specific to a chosen health program. Some type of flexibility in anticipation of future schedule conflicts will facilitate management of changing situations. Prioritizing does not set limits to the flow of daily routine. It inculcates the discipline that will generate a healthy attitude in the pursuit of the goal to be happy and fit.

4. Partnering. Studies show that a high percentage of weight loss practicers succeed if they solicit the support of family and friends. Implementing a weight loss discipline is one long lonely journey. It is riddled with a smattering of frivolous disruptions that scares motivation. No one feels the pains, appreciates the struggles, and comprehends the importance in each little progress achieved but the practitioner. When another person, who exercises the same measure of commitment in a discipline, partners with another, the resulting association inspires both to dig deeper into their inner strength, to broaden their learning process, to pick each other up at every stage of frustration, to share the agony and to celebrate the victories. Each contributions towards the evolution of a healthy mental perspective and the union complements the shortcomings of the other.

5. Have fun. It is ridiculously difficult to maintain a high degree of enthusiasm and motivation without burning out. As the body needs time to come down from the peak of physical performance so the mind must find rest from the mental stress involved in the effort. Having fun should be a conditio sine qua non in the weight loss activity. The world does not end if a diet or exercise is missed one day or a flu sidelines a week's worth of workout. This process is a lifestyle change and a lifetime commitment. As one famous cliché advises, "enjoy the ride". There are more laughs and fulfillment in this health enterprise if it is flavored with fun. Fun provides a man with a healthy and optimistic outlook that will absolutely balance his mind and body in the resolution to achieve that since since time immemorial has challenged man's will to live life, not of quantity but of quality.

Overweight Americans have the chief responsibility of divorcing themselves from the current mindset that consistently short-circuits their ability to overcome this weighty issue. The extent of the problem coaxes Washington DC to mobilize a support network to tackle this national health epidemic plaguing the very roots of American society.

The health of a nation depends on the strength and health of her workforce. Today America is exhorting all its citizens to be wary of this health threat that is putting the future backbone of industry in jeopardy. Only through united effort of her citizenry can America prevail over the existing complacency.

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