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Weight Loss – Why You Can not Lose Weight

The Real Reason You're Still Fat.

So you followed the diet, do your exercise and Do not See any results!

Perhaps, it's in your Genes to be overweight or Maybe there is more to weight loss? Is it not time to discover the Truth about Weight Loss?

Firstly, your journey, diets and exercise are critical in your path to attain your ideal weight, without this it is almost impossible to reach your goal. However, if this does not work. What then? To many people has followed this Path, using one Product after the next, without any visible results.

So many people have followed a good diet, worked extensively on their exercise program and has either, not seen any visible results or seen very little. This happens continuously, day in, day out.

A number of factors must be taken into account in order for weight loss to occur, this includes your metabolic, hormonal and biochemical system. If an incorrect balance is present, weight loss will not occur.

Recent studies has concluded that certain bacteria in ones gut, can have an increase in the quantity of calories absorbed. Therefore, if your calorie take for the day is 1.500 calories and you have too many of the bacteria evident, your absorption could be around 2.000 calories a day.

It was also noted that food sensitivities, were one of the main causes of inflammation and obesity. The removal of this, has there before treatment for obesity. Those who participated in the study, lost an average of 37 pounds in only a 12 week period.

Challenging to manage that Diet! Fatigue, Sugar Cravings and Carbohydrates binges, could possibly be as a result of Neurotransmitter imbalance. Perhaps, it is not about your will-power or motivation, but rather about your Neurotransmitter imbalance.

A number of reasons could be the Real Reason why you not losing Weight! Including common pesticides, chemicals in the environment etc. Many of these has proved to increase fat Gain in animal and human studies.

In essence, there are many reasons as to why people battle to lose weight. Many more than just Dieting and Exercise. We need to be conscious as to what is happening within us in order to lose weight. This is the fundamental reason why we do not achieve that ideal weight. Be healthy within and the rest will follow.

'Expecting to lose weight, while you a couch Potato? – You Deserve to Be Fat! ' quoted by MJ Phelps

If you have followed a program and you're still not losing weight …. Maybe you are not losing weight!

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