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What Are the Best Weight Loss Yoga Poses?

There are plenty of different weight loss yoga poses that you can undertake if you are trying to get in shape. Whether you are more advanced or are a beginner, you will find that the variety of options you have to choose from makes the exercises much more engaging and effective. For example, the crescent move requires you to reach toward the ceiling and then toward the ground while bending in a lunge form. You then hold this position and return to the start, repeating it as necessary. It strengthens the legs and burns a lot of calories because it is difficult to hold.

Another of the many weight loss yoga poses is known as the willow. Essentially, it requires you to stand on one leg while raising both arms into the air. With the other leg, you bend it at the knee and place it flat against the thigh of the leg you are balancing on. Once in this position, you can bend to the left and right, making sure to focus on your breathing each time. This strengthens the leg you are standing on, as well as your core. It requires your sides and stomach to do a great deal of work, which makes them very firm and strong.

Doing simple yoga poses such as these two go a long way in helping you to achieve the amount of weight loss you are going for. Not only do they help you to burn calories and lose weight though, they also help you to firm and strengthen your muscles. By working all the muscles in your body and strengthening your core, you will find that weight loss also comes with the desired amount of muscle definition and toning that most people are after. The best part about it is that these stretches are fun and engaging, taking the drudgery out of exercise.

Considering how many Weight loss yoga poses there are, you really have plenty of ways to lose weight. Find the ones that you feel are the most effective and practice them constantly. Fortunately, there are poses for all skill levels, so you can continue to improve and lose weight and find a slew of new moves to attempt along the way.

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