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What Is Your Motivation For Weight Loss?

There are so many ways and methods for losing weight and there are lots of offers on the internet of diets, supplements and exercise programs. The weight loss industry is big, you will experience that if you have done searches on Google; if you search for "weight loss" you will get more than 7 million results! The reason is obvious, our modern lazy lifestyle and all the "ready made" processed foods we eat make us fat and indeed we need help to get rid of it.

A saying says; "All roads lead to Rome." That's also partly true when it comes to weight loss. Most methods will work in some ways, but maybe not all as fast or efficient as another. For some people some methods are not healthy and possibly there are also some roads with dead ends also here. We are all individuals and which method to chose may depend on a lot of factors. In the end we have to choose an approach that fits our age, health, environment, personal preferences and sometimes even our financial situation.

Anyways, the most important thing is to take action and start doing something. To change your eating habits and start doing more exercises etc. requires some will power and to finally take action most of us need some kind of motivation. We need an image of how we will look like or how our health will improve after some time. The most common motivations are things like getting a more lean, strong and sexy body and because of this more self confidence. What is your motivation for losing weight?

My motivation also includes these but my biggest motivation was to add years to my life and to keep healthy as long as possible. This because I'm blessed having a 5 year old boy at an age of 60. I want to do everything possible to be able to be there for him as he grows up. I want to play with him, I want to play football and doing other sports together with him and go hiking in the mountains etc.

I was in no way overweight, but everyone can do better and it's not only about weight loss and keeping slim, just as important is to keep fit and be strong enough. In order to do this I had to take action and change certain things in my life. Sometimes we have to make small sacrifices for a larger goal, nothing comes for free.

"No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."

Source by Julian Andrews

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