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When Weight Loss Hits A Wall

You know that shedding a few extra pounds will do wonders for your life. Not only will you look so much sexier, you will also feel better. But where do you begin? You start searching for that right weight loss plan and even though there are a multitude of plans and programs out there, you finally decide on one that is right for you. You set your goals and you begin to plan your meals and exercise routine because you are going to make it work this time.

The first week is the most difficult because it requires a complete change in thinking and lifestyle. Trying to remember what to eat and when to exercise without falling into your old habits is a challenge some days. At the end of that first week you stand on the scales and see a drop of a few pounds. This excites you and you are ready for week number two.

Week two begins with a repeat of the first week. Planning the meals and the exercises around your busy schedule, but you are committed and you follow through with everything you are supposed to do. At the end of the week you stand on the scales and there is no change. At this point several things can happen, but a lot of the time what happens is you hit a wall.

What does it mean when your weight loss hits a wall? It usually means that one or more of these things happen:

Will Power Declases – Weight loss requires a lot of will power and as long as we are seeing results it is easier to have the power to continue with our new routines, but when we stop seeing results too many times we lose our will power and go back to our old eating habits.

Attitude – We may have started out excited about the changes that are going to take place, but then when things are not going the way we visualized our attitude toward diet changes and we tend to not care anymore either we lose weight or not.

Laziness – Sometimes we may just get lazy in our diet. We try to continue eating what is right but we fail to follow through with our exercises or maybe we even become lazy in what we eat and the time of day we eat, such as those late night snacks.

Lose Focus – We lose our focus when things are not working as fast as we think they should. When we lose our focus we tend to give up and eventually quit.

Have you been there? Do you know what it is like to hit the wall? When you begin that weight loss plan you must make a conscious effort to do everything you can to jump over that wall when things seem to slow down. By jumping the wall instead of hitting it, you will eventually reach your goal and have the body you want.

Source by Rocky D. Alexander

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