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Workout Routines for Weight Loss – Common Injuries

If you need to lose some weight before summer, choosing one of the popular workout routines for weight loss is better than going on a diet. However, you must be extra careful to avoid getting injured. Here are some frequent injuries you can get from improper exercise.

When you start exercising after a long period of activity, chances are you will feel every muscle on your body the next day. While a bit of soreness is fine, it is still a warning sign that you're doing unpleasant things to your body. Take it easy in the beginning and let your body rest and heal for at least a day between sessions.

Muscle strains
If you ignore the first signs of soreness, you will most likely develop tendonitis. When your muscles are strained, it is important to rest and use anti-inflammatory medication (or just ice) to reduce swelling. Sometimes your doctor will have you continue with exercises that strengthened muscles supporting the damaged tendon.

Shoulder injuries
Shoulders frequently get hurt because many exercises put a strain on shoulders, especially if weights are involved. Shoulder injuries are especially bad news because they take a long time to recover. In the meantime, they will not allow you to do other upper body training exercises. They can be avoided with simple warmup exercises.

Hamstring injuries
Exercises that involve flexing knees carry a risk for hamstring injuries. They typically happen as a consequence of too many, or improperly executed, squats or leg presses. These injuries can be troublesome because hamstrings are muscles that help keep your posture and balance. Additionally, it is hard to judge how long it will take to go back to exercising: hamstring injuries can take from a week to five weeks to recover fully. You may even need physical therapy.

Lower back injuries
Injuries of the lower back area typically occurring during aerobic or resistance weight training. While they are more frequent in exercises to add muscle mass, they can still happen in workout routines for weight loss. Work on strengthening your abdominal muscles to help prevent lower back injuries.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel a little better before summer. But remember: you can not cram a year's worth of exercise in a few short. Workout routines for weight loss should be done gradually and carefully. After all, what good does it do if you look great but you are forced to spend the summer indoors, recovering from injuries?

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