Write to Lose Weight

Everyone who is trying to lose weight is aware of the fact that keeping track of the diet you have taken has extreme importance in getting fruitful results, but very few people realize the importance of maintaining the record of their weight loss related thoughts. Even if a person managed to lose a decent amount of weight, he or she never give proper credit to the routine journaling.

Controlling the diet can be considered as simple as maintaining a record of the consumed food, but if a person focuses on the entire body and psychological mechanism, then dieting can become reasonably complex. For example, which thoughts, goals, targets or issues increases or decreases your commitment and determination? Which people and their comments are increasing your motivation and which ones are making you demotivated by offering your delicious food and ice cream? All these things should also be recorded in a private journal.

There are several ways to maintain such a private journal, but the best one is to write a letter to yourself. While doing this, dieter writes a letter to himself and describe all the emotions and feelings related to increased fat and weight loss honestly.

What will be the outcome of such a letter? For the majority of people, such a letter will provide a strong insight into the current situation, especially, the factors influencing their enthusiasm and commitment. After writing such a letter, wait for few hours and then read this letter yourself. Now, you’ll be able to analyze the various factors that have a noticeable impact your weight loss activity and you’ll be able to formulate a better strategy to coup up with the detracting things.

Such a journaling also includes mentioning the impact of your food choices on your future feelings when you’ll be checking your weight or updating the journal. If you keep on writing such letters yourself, you’ll be able to connect the dots and become fully aware of how routine life is influencing your food choices.

Maintaining such a journal will surely help you in achieving your weight loss goal because it will provide you the insight regarding your thoughts, feelings, emotions and the impact of various external factors on them. I’ll strongly insist you to give it a try. Write such a letter to yourself and try to figure out that you are actually hungry for what? You’ll find that it’s not the food.

Source by Rizwan Leo Aziz

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