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Your Breakfast and Weight Loss

If you desire to lose weight over the long term, it is important not to miss breakfast. As the saying goes, 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. If you have ever heard the other expression, 'breakfast like a king, lunch like a king, and dinner like a pauper, you'll understand what I mean.

When the body rests during sleep, it is also in starvation mode. The best way to kick the body out of starvation mode as soon as you wake up, is to eat breakfast. Breakfast should be the largest meal of the day, so try to consume at least 500 calories. A big breakfast of poached eggs, grilled bacon and tomatoes, mushrooms fried in water, and wholemeal toast is an effective way to start the day and kick-start the metabolism.

Many people are still under the impression that if they resist breakfast they will lose weight. This is wrong and may have a detrimental effect on long-term weight loss. The metabolic rate will gradually decrease, and when food is consumed, the body thinks, 'Oh well I did not get any food this morning, I'd best slow down the metabolism just in case.'

For anyone who has a weight problem and wants to lose weight naturally, train your body to crave breakfast. Once breakfast is consumed, the metabolism heightens, and when the body feels hungry for a second time, it will surely let you know.

If you know your basal metabolic rate; the calories burnt at rest, then you can take advantage by eating a calorific breakfast and reducing the calorie intake of other meals during the day. Another effective way to lose weight is to eat regularly, for example, every three hours or whenever you feel hungry on a scale from one to ten, one being satisfied, and ten, ravenous. When you feel at a level six or seven, have something small to eat to satisfy the craving. This induces the thermogenic process, calories burnt during the digestion of food. Therefore, eating regularly takes advantage of this natural calorie burning process.

If you only require 1700 calories per day, it is okay to consume calories late at night, as long as it does not run over the basic level of calories your body requires just to stay alive, breathe, digest food etc. if you happen to go over your daily calorie consumption, especially if you calorie count, take up some form of exercise to burn off the excess calories. It is a myth that eating calories at night makes a person gain weight. If you have 500 calories left later on in the day or at night, still consume them rather than risk the body turns to starvation mode and reduces the metabolic rate.

Breakfast is an effective way to lose weight . Diet pill reviews include more information about the best diet pills to consume throughout the day, depending on how you want to lose weight over the long-term. There are effective thermogenic fat burners which rid the body of fat, lipid binders, which help to reduce fat from being absorbed by the body, and other effective dietary supplements to help the body lose weight and burn fat.

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